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Date: 2018-01-02
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The sad truth is that not every petrolhead can afford the car they really want, nevermind kitting it out with every mod under the sun.

That hasn't stopped these guys though, and the entire sport has exploded. We're talking about drifting radio-controlled cars, and it's as exciting as watching the real deal. But, it's not just the drifting that has us fired-up, it's the attention to detail of many of the cars themselves that's simply amazing!

The owners have gone to great lengths to detail their cars, from Mustang police cars to Nissan 350Zs, Toyota Celica's, Nissan Skylines, Mazda RX8's and Lamborghini Gallardo's.
Some of the more elaborate ones have body kits modelled on actual famous car-kits from companies like Top Secret in Japan. Others are made to look like notorious drifting cars from drivers like Ken Block, while others are given a distressed look of a sleeper from the 60's.

It is incredible.

The entire event takes over an arena with super-slippery concrete floors, with the entire track built to resemble an actual street-race, with parking areas, pits and show areas for the cars that are not racing. Heck, they even have trees, hay bales and recovery vehicles strewn about the place.

And, this happens all over the world. So, take solace in the fact that, even though having your own actual super-modified drift car may be a pipe-dream, you can still scratch the itch with a radical RC car that can still give you hours of fun!

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