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Honda seems to suffer from a case of split personality. On the one hand, there's function over form in the case of, say, the Brio or CR-V – both excellent vehicles, no doubt, but not what one would consider loaded with heart-pumping excitement.

Then, on the other hand, there's the mental Civic Type R. Not only does it look like it'll cut you if you look at it funny but it also holds the record for the fasted front-wheel drive car around the Nurburgring.

See, split personality.

Which brings us to this amazing little concept. Yup, Honda have channelled their inner hooligan to reveal to us the Honda Small RS. At the Indonesia International Motor Show recently, they pulled the wraps off what seems like a Civic Type R that shrunk in the wash.

Some more good news for those countries that get it, according to Autocar India, it’s "most likely a lightly disguised version of the next-generation Honda Brio". And, let's be honest here, the Brio's design could definitely use a rethink – and we this will most definitely do! Not as macho as its bigger sibling, dare we say this styling is even better than the Civic...

The guys at motortrend.com used Google-translate on the official release from Honda Indonesia. Apparently, it says the Small RS “features a sporty, stylish exterior design in accordance with Honda’s DNA in a small car platform that can be used for everyday activities for young-minded consumers while offering a sporty driving experience.” It also “represents Honda’s vision of how a small sports car should be.”

Maybe it's our inner 18-year-old bruiser talking here but, with its hilariously large wing, prominent bonnet scoop, double exhausts and accentuated aerodynamic body kit, we agree.

It is unclear what kind of engine the Small RS will sport and, considering many concepts are all about having a visual impact, it probably doesn't even have anything under the bonnet yet.

All we can say is, by all means, give the pensioners a toned down, functional version – but don't forget us, the ones who feel the passion put into this concept. We'll take one.

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