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Here are all the Need For Speed game intro videos from 1994 to the latest game in the series.

Need For Speed has been one of the biggest racing game titles for nearly 30 years, and is still going strong. There have been 32 games launched to date, plus a Hollywood movie based on the game series as well.

However, not all Need For Speed games had a storyline around them like they do today. It wasn't until Need For Speed Underground, where a cinematic intro and something that passed as a basic storyline, was incorporated and rolled over to Need For Speed Underground 2. Then, eventually, to Most Wanted as well. From then on, it became a standard for Need For Speed games to follow a storyline.

Those of you who have been playing Need For Speed games since those early years will surely remember some of these intro videos – and here they are, since the first game in 1994 until the latest Need For Speed Heat in 2020.

Check out the history of Need For Speed here.

Take a look at the video below by YouTube channel, IsuckAtDriving, on the Need For Speed Cinematic Intro Videos since 1994 to 2020.

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