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Not in the mood to drop $21K to have the oil in your Bugatti Veyron changed? Then why not do it yourself as these guys did.

This dude, Houston Crosta, owner of Las Vegas-based exotic car rental company called Royal Exotic Cars, thought it would be fun to change the oil and filters on his own Bugatti Veyron.

It may sound insane to get your hands dirty on a car worth a mint but, considering they maintain the vehicles they rent out themselves, it's not a shock for them to attempt it on the Veyron too.

What is shocking is the sheer amount of bolts and screws Bugatti use to keep everything fitting correctly, just how much of the car needs to be stripped down, and the know-how required to take it all apart. And then there's the small matter of draining the 16-plus quarts of oil from 16 different drain plugs and replacing the filters.

It's an interesting video for those who want to see what lies beneath the beautifully crafted carbon fibre bodywork. Click play now to check it out.

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