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Date: 2017-11-01

Love them or hate them, one thing is for sure, Top Gear was certainly entertaining.

Top Gear enthralled audiences for many years with the antics of three adult men acting like reprobate teenagers. Not only was it informative and filled with drool-worthy car-porn, it was also hilariously unscripted in parts.

Many of the challenges and adventures they were tasked with usually ended up being ludicrously entertaining, sometimes serious but mainly funny to the point of tears.

In this video, we take a drive down memory lane and take a look at some of the top clips from the annals of TG history.

Remember the time Jeremy Clarkson made a three-metre high motorhome that swayed precariously on the highway, or the time James May was chased by the cops to his 'death' in Albania, or Richard Hammond's absurd 'car boat'?

And let's not forget some of the hilarious celebrity interviews in their Star In A Reasonably Priced Car section, and top jokes and many hours of laughter in the studio too.

So, click on the play button below and have yourself a good laugh!

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