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Have you ever wondered what the Liberty Walk factory in Japan is like? Well, there's more than one of them as you'll soon find out on this tour.

Imagine you're casually walking down a road in Japan when you stumble across a Liberty Walk showroom. Then, imagine you meet the owner's son who gives you a VIP tour of all of their factories... pure bliss, right? Right!

We join Jason and friends from YouTube channel, Capt Two6, as the scenario painted above plays out. That's correct, this isn't just a daydream, this really happened.

If you're a petrolhead, then you'll know all about Liberty Walk and their crazy ability to take an already incredible car, tune it, make it a widebody and paint it insanely well. This video, then, will leave you drooling on the floor as Hyuma – the owner's son – leads the American trio on a journey through their multiple shops.

There are various Ferrari's, Lamborghini's, old-school JDM Datsun's and some new Nissan's, not to mention a few American muscle cars too. The attention to detail on every build is exquisite, and the hand-painted artwork on some of them is a sight to behold. In fact, the Ferrari 458 created to look like a fighter jet has, possibly, the best livery ever.

Without a doubt, this must be one of the best experiences that any car-lover who enjoys modified cars could have. Press play to see what we're on about...

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