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Ferrari 488 Liberty Walk

This Ferrari 488 Liberty Walk from Race! South Africa is by no means for the faint of heart! Most people can't decide if this modified Ferrari 488 is a work of art or an atrocity. To some, exotic supercars are sacred and should be left untouched. Try telling that to Liberty Walk Performance, a renowned Japanese car modding company that specialises in supercar widebody kits which it’s applied to the likes of the Lamborghini Huracan and McLaren 650S with interesting results.

Following its work on the Ferrari 458 Italia (view our feature here), the tuning company has turned its attention to its successor, the mid-engine, 3.9L Twin Turbo V8, 488 GTB. Let’s just say, it could be labelled as an acquired taste, but we LOVE it!

Pushing the Start button ignites a roar of thunder from behind you, and the acceleration hits you like a punch in the kidneys! Although lowered with custom suspension, the ride is still smooth and comfortable... but, as we all know, that doesn't even cross your mind when the horizon is approaching like you've just hit the Warp Drive button in a Star Trek movie!

Race! South Africa have by no means just fitted their 488 with a Liberty Walk body kit. They have fitted this stunner with Forgiato wheels with exclusive brushed anodised centres all finished in black, Michelin Pilot Sport tyres, and custom painted Brembo callipers. Not to mention the JRZ RS Pro coilovers with a variable ride height system.

Car Specs

  • Model: Ferrari 488 GTB
  • Engine: 3.9L Mid-engine Twinturbo V8
  • Exterior: Car painted in White, Liberty Walk widebody kit, Carbon fiber front splitter, Carbon fiber sideskirts, Carbon fiber rear diffuser, Duck-tail rear wing, Cherry Red taillights, Ferrari badges blacked out, Custom vinyl stickers, Gloss black roof
  • Wheels: Forgiato wheels with exclusive brushed anodised centres all finished in black, Custom painted Brembo callipers, Anodised lug nuts
  • Suspension: JRZ RS Pro coilovers with a variable ride height system
  • Tuning Shop: Race!
  • Location: Kyalami


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