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The Geneva Motor Show was the host for Ferrari to debut the F8 Tributo, a twin-turbo V8 with 710bhp.

The replacement for the Ferrari 488 GTB has been revealed at this year's Geneva Motor Show, and the new Ferrari F8 Tributo is a real head-turner. The eagerly anticipated 488 replacement is powered by a 3.9-litre V8 twin-turbo that pumps out an astonishing 710bhp, that's 40bhp up on the outgoing model and nearly as much horsepower-per-litre as a Bugatti Chiron.

That's pretty impressive for a 3.9-litre and Ferrari reckons it's the most powerful V8 ever fitted to a model that isn't part of its exclusive special series. What this translates to in terms of performance is a 2.9-second sprint from 0-60mph.

Helping to suppress turbo-lag on the power delivery is the use of two turbos, a smaller one for immediate power while the second, larger one spools up to deliver to the top end. This results in almost imperceptible turbo-lag.

Ferrari has also installed a new version of their Side Slip Angle Control function which, along with a smaller steering wheel, will allow drivers to enjoy the extra power and driving it on the limit without needing a change of underwear.

According to Ferrari, the inspiration for the F8 Tributo's design was found in classics like the F40 and the 308 GTB but, while elements of the 488 peek through from certain angles, it certainly makes a statement for a new take on the traditional supercar layout.

The bonnet carries the S-duct aerodynamics but adds 15% more downforce. Slimmer LED headlights allow more space for brake-cooling vents, which means keeping the brakes the same size as on the 488, helping towards the 40kg overall weight saving.

Another innovation to shed weight is the super-tough Lexan polycarbonate plastic engine cover while the integrated spoiler cossets the twin tail-light configuration of the 70s-era 308 GTB. The rear bumper houses the rear diffuser and redesigned exhaust system in a neat albeit aggressive, powerful look.

The interior receives a refresh although the steering wheel still houses almost every function known to man, including the engine start/stop button, suspension settings, indicators and windscreen wiper controls. The rev-counter takes pride of place behind the wheel and is bracketed by a brace of screens while a new seven-inch screen does service on the passenger side of the dash.

Order books will open shortly although neither prices nor release dates are available yet. As the saying goes, if you have to ask the price then you probably can't afford it but a ballpark of £200,000 without any options is not unreasonable for the shiny new Ferrari F8 Tributo.

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