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Date: 2018-10-23

Doug DeMuro goes over everything in detail about the Enzo Ferrari in this in-depth overview.

Originally selling for $650,000, you had to actually be invited by Ferrari to purchase one. If you had the money for one and weren’t invited, it didn’t matter, you couldn’t get one from Ferrari. Now, these cars are valued up around $3Million.

There are a lot of cool features with this supercar that some might already consider to be retro, for example, the toolkit that is supplied by Ferrari themselves where you would find a variety of different sized spanners, a set of pliers, spare fuses and a bunch of light bulbs that look like the ones you can buy for next to nothing at your local automotive maintenance store.

Even though 2003 seems like just yesterday, this is a clear example of how automotive technology has advanced in just one and a half decades, so click on the play button below to find out more about this incredible machine.

Are you a fan of the Ferrari Enzo? Let us know your thoughts and comments.

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