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Gordon Ramsay's new custom Ferrari Monza SP2 looks hotter than his most infamous signature dish, and it's black and red suit his character!

Gordon Ramsay is one of the most recognised and famous world-class chefs, most popularly known for his TV shows such as Hell's Kitchen, Hotel Hell and Kitchen Nightmares, as well as his fine-dining restaurants across the world. If you are a fan and have seen some of his shows you'll slowly start to pick up that he is indeed quite a car enthusiast as he references his personal Lamborghini and Ferrari.

YouTube channel TheTFJJ managed to check out his brand new Ferrari Monza SP2 in person and gather some information about Ramsay's personal paint and trimming options. The Ferrari Monza SP2 is an incredibly rare and limited production supercar the was launched in 2019. It pushes out 603kW (809hp) from its 6.5 L F140 GA V12 engine, and the two-seater is as light as just 1,520kg.

Ferrari must be doing a decent job, otherwise Ramsay would surely have given them a comment or two, to say the least!

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