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The E30 BMW M3 is an icon of the M-Performance history. Not content with the original motor, the owner decided to drop BMWs latest S55 motor into the engine bay instead.

At first glance, this just looks like a very well looked after box-shaped BMW with a few decals, but, dig a little deeper, and you'll learn a lot more about the E30 M3.

That's just what James from Donut Media does in this episode of Bumper To Bumper. The owner needed a little help, so he solicited the help of a group of students who had never rebuilt a car before. Brave? Possibly. But the result is astounding from this group of young guns.

Not only did they do a full engine swap, but they also used other parts of the F80 donor car too, such as the complete dial cluster and wiring harness. It even has keyless start functionality.

The team needed to fabricate many parts to get everything to fit. There's custom piping, an aftermarket ECU. The entire package took 11 months to complete and was scheduled to compete at the SEMA show, literally finishing the build at the show, just before judging.

Click play to find out all about the car and what has been done to make this a show-winning BMW E30 M3.

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