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Some friends are just simply keepers when they fully understand your passion and like to spoil you once in a while, this chick buys her best friend his dream engine, a Nissan RB26 for his Skyline GTR R33.

If there’s one thing that’s great about the car community and the passion for automobiles, it’s that you can share it with others. After all, having a passion for cars just isn’t as good if you’re the only one who takes part in that passion. I mean, why else would we have car shows, racing events, and all sorts of other gatherings that are tailored specifically for those who enjoy the art of the automobile? It’s truly a community that is like one big family and one that we want to share with as many people as possible.

This time, we get to see some first-hand sharing of horsepower as a couple of friends, who happen to be really close and share a tight bond, end up cementing their friendship even more when one has quite a surprise for the other.

As it turns out, YouTuber, Emelia Hartford, has a buddy named Sean that she appreciates very much who was looking for a very specific engine, the RB26, for his project. However, as his funds were a little bit too tight to purchase the engine (we all know that feeling!) he was thinking about settling for something a little bit tamer.

However, Emelia will do whatever it takes to help her bestie make his day, even if it means shelling out some major cash on buying him an engine. If you’ve ever wrenched on your vehicle and wished that you had a specific part that your bank account just wouldn’t support, you’d really be able to appreciate this one and the surprise is definitely too good to resist watching.

We think we love her.

Be sure to check it out for yourself in the video below as the engine is unveiled and the ultimate gift is given.

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