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Ken Block gives us a tour of his dream garage filled will pure gearhead awesomeness!

Now, when it comes to fantasising about your dream garage, most of us will leave it right there, as a dream. In your mind, you would probably fill it with your most desired rides, things like supercars, hypercars, classic JDM's or stance cars, and a workshop with every tool and accessory you can dream of, pretty much whatever takes your personal fancy. But only a lucky few actually get to turn this into a reality.

Someone like Ken Block, a driving sensation and entrepreneur, definitely made his name in the automotive industry and has become a huge success. He gets to drive the most insane racecars the world has to offer and actually make a living out of it, pretty much what the rest of us will call a dream job.

But have you ever thought about what he owns personally? In this video below we get an insight to his dream garage. In the first few seconds he reveals his Ford RS200, Can-Am ATV and an impressive collection of downhill mountain bikes. Not to mention his tool collection and racing gear.

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