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First off, according to the dictionary, the definition of a garage is a building for housing a motor vehicle or vehicles. And that's that, but I guess you'll have to take into account the standard definition of a motor vehicle as well, which is by no means what the definition is to a true petrolhead with nearly unlimited resources. You wouldn't hang a da Vinci in your wine cellar and you wouldn't store your spotless supercar in that big room full of boxes and inline skates that passes for a garage. The type of garage you'd opt for depends on you. A garage is meant to protect your vehicle and personal belongings, but that doesn't mean this storage space needs to be untidy, dark and dingy. These pics demonstrate that garages don't have to be a division of the house, that is usually separate from everything else and guests, however, you can turn it into pretty much a main feature! I guess this also depends on the type of car you have as well as the purpose of it is, usually a show car of saught.

Depending on what type of enthusiast you are, you'd probably appreciate different facilities in your garage. Say, if you're into tuning or stance, your garage will probably be closer to a workshop setup, with adequate tools, spare parts, perhaps even a lift or two, that is where you'd spend all your spare time making your ride the best it could be.

What if you were, say a vintage or rare car collector. Maybe, in that case, you'd kit your garage out to be more of a showroom than anything else. Or if you just want your garage to be your personal couple of square metres to yourself, doing what you love and having your pride and joy with you, then maybe you would consider your garage to be your ultimate man-cave (I hate that term).

Whatever the case is, take a look at some of the top custom garages on the planet! Enjoy

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