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This Mazda Miata has a V8 truck motor under the bonnet, and yes, it was not an easy process. Let's find out how to install a monster LS into a tiny Japanese vehicle.

It sounds like a crazy idea, but there's always someone who will take on the challenge. And boy, this was a big one.

Meet Taylor Ray, a regular guy who loves to go drifting. One day, while out hunting for a car for his friend's girlfriend, he stumbled across a turbocharged Mazda Miata that tickled his fancy. He bought it on the spot, and his new project was born.

After blowing the original engine, and then damaging the replacement, he decided that a whole new approach was necessary. This is where the crazy idea of popping a V8 into the engine bay came to pass.

It's not just the engine that needed replacing though. To accommodate for all that extra power, a new transmission was required, as was a custom driveshaft, front and rear subframes, upgraded brakes and more.

This documentary-style video is very detailed, shows precisely what worked and how he solved the many issues he was confronted by. It's quite long, so get yourself a beverage, sit back and enjoy the show.

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