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Rat Rod Bob shows us how he turns a 1931 Chevy into a kick-ass rat rod.

This self-proclaimed Redneck, Rat Rod Bob and his alter-ego, Red, deliver a long but fantastic video of a complete rat rod build using a 1931 Chevy for parts.

Bob is one super character, and he's a top fabricator too. Watching him work is mesmerising as he has no fancy tools, just years of experience and knowledge that most youngsters could only dream of having.

His ideas are genius and solutions to challenges are inspiring. This rat rod is a masterpiece, with every piece, besides the engine and transmission, masterfully fabricated. This includes not just the metal pieces, but also the rubber bushings for the engine mounts and more. Even the incredible spiderweb seats, steering wheel and front grill were made in his garage.

The time spent on this build was definitely worth it, and his methods, albeit unorthodox, are fascinating.

Hit the play button below to watch how Charlotte the rat rod was put together. It's long but definitely worth the watch.

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