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This banged up old rusty Chevy sleeper should not be taken lightly as it runs 8-second quarter miles.

When you think of a classic family car from the 50's and 60's, the last thing you think of is a competitive drag strip destroyer in the year 2019. Of course, we all know that this Chevy has been heavily modified to suit the brutal job of running down the drag strip in under 10-seconds, which makes it probably one of the best sleeper cars we have ever heard of.

If you roll up next to this Chevy in your V12 Viper, you probably aren't feeling too nervous about losing, but 8-seconds later you might feel a bit blue as this mad Chevy leaves you in the dust. This Chevy is also a street go-er, the only thing that needs to come off is the parachute at the back and you're good to go through the drive-thru to get your burger and soda.

This 1953 Chevy Frankenstein build is crazy, to say the least, but what helps it achieve the quarter mile times it runs is (and you probably guessed it already) a Turbocharged LS motor. Take a look at this YouTube video below and see BigKleib34 give a little more insight to what this old school Chevy is capable of.

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