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This twin-turbo Toyota Hilux is crazy. That's likely why it was invited to compete on Fastest Car Season 2, now it's time to turn this Rat Rod pick-up into a drag car.

If you haven't seen the show, Fastest Car, on Netflix, then best you make a plan to watch. Each episode features three sleepers and one supercar in a drag race, and it's pretty entertaining.

In Season 2, Josh Mazerolle is invited to participate in his crazy, old twin-turbo Toyota Hilux. But there's a problem, this Rat Rod is not set up for a drag race, it's made for cruising long distances with enormous power in the engine bay.

This vehicle is invariably evolving... and breaking down. So, whenever someone lends a helping hand to Josh, they get to sign the truck in permanent marker. The dozens of signatures are a sign of a car well-travelled, now it's on to its next journey: a transformation into a drag racer.

In Josh's words on YouTube channel, BustedKnuckleVideo, "On Deathwish Episode 5 Josh Mazerolle and his band of gearheads only have 9 days to convert the LS Twin Turbo Hilux into a Drag Car for the Fastest Car Season 2 on Netflix. 

"Watch the guys at Vague Industries as they completely redo the rear suspension and swap in a built 6.0 and matching 4L80e. Will they get the build done in time? Or will catastrophic failure on the dyno make them miss their chance at TV stardom? Will it be faster than a GTR? The Cops Love Twin Turbo Hilux but will they crash the party this time?"

There's only one way to find out, and that's by watching the episode below.

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