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Back in 2007, when Toyota we're mum on a new Supra, the legendary Smokey Nagata decided to build a tribute car with the aim of hitting 400kph – the Top Secret V12 Toyota Supra.

The latest Toyota Supra has divided opinions around the world, on one side the UK allocation through 2020 is already sold out, on the other, traditionalists feel it's complete sacrilege.

That's why a video like this makes us happy. It's about passion and a deep love for an icon with a tribute like no other. A Top Secret V12 Twin Turbo Toyota Supra by Smokey Nagata.

Nagata was longing for Toyota to release a new Supra but, by 2007, nothing had been announced from the Japanese manufacturer. So he took things into his own hands by dropping a V12 engine from the Toyota Century, added twin turbos and an HKS Fcon for each bank. This pushed power to 1000 horses on the wheels and a goal of 400kph in sight.

Smokey did 358kph on a public road in Italy without a care in the world but never quite managed to achieve that magical 400. The footage of him trying though is sublime.

Hit the play button below and watch as That Racing Channel takes us on a nostalgic trip down memory lane as they ride along with this infamous car.


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