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Drag racer swops the legendary 2JZ for a mighty Hemi V8 in his Supra Mk4.

So first off, we all know that the 24-valve DOHC 3.0L 2JZ is one of the most popular JDM engines ever produced, and for good reason. There have been many cases where people squeeze over 1000hp out of a 2JZ with stock internals and it lives to tell the tales! But there are some crazy drag racers out there who believe they need more, a lot more!

The mad scientists over at ProSpeed Autosports in Houston, Texas, have taken their Mk4 Supra drag car to another level by confidently saying that a 2JZ is a great engine, but a V8 Hemi will prove to be more reliable at well over 2000hp offering many more runs before the engine has to be rebuilt. This tuning company seriously knows what they're doing, for a good example, their 240sx broke the record of being the fastest import drag car at 6 seconds at a quarter-mile race running drag radial tyres.

Take a look at this YouTube video by BigKleib34 as he features the crazy fast Hemi swopped Supra mk4 and what time its pulls on the quarter-mile drag.

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