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Novitec got their hands on the range-topping Ferrari 488 Pista and has tuned it to a staggering 791bhp.

Who would have thought that 711bhp in the Ferrari 488 Pista was not enough power? Clearly, Novitec did, the German brand is famous for making powerful cars even more so. This time, they've added extra power, tweaked the suspension and added more carbon fibre.

There are new tinted lights and a custom bonnet, but the first thing you'll notice is the new carbon fibre front splitter, side sills, rear spoiler, diffuser and more that give the Pista a more aggressive look. Novitec stated that these components have been tested in a wind tunnel to wring out every bit of extra performance.

They also got hold of Vossen, the famous wheel manufacturer from the US, to create custom forged 21- and 22-inch wheels, 255 at the front and 335 rear. Clients can select to stagger them too, 21s up front and 22s at the back to amplify the Ferrari's wedge look.

Looking at the internals, Novitec has installed two N-Tronic control modules in the engine. These units adjust the fuel injection, ignition timing and boost levels, pushing the power up to a heart-thumping 791bhp and 662lb ft of torque. The extra 80bhp and 94lb ft over the stock car scratch off 0.2 seconds in the zero to 62mph sprint, with the German brand claiming just 2.7 seconds and a top speed of 214mph.

Novitec has lowered the ride height by 35mm by installing a new hydraulic suspension setup, and the front axle lift raises the nose by 40mm to help clear those pesky speed bumps. The optional free-flow exhaust system can be chosen in either steel or Inconel and helps that monster of an engine expel excess gasses more efficiently.

Inside, the cockpit can be retrimmed in Alcantara and/or leather in any colour you like, which enables owners to personalise their Ferrari more than the Italian manufacturer allows.

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