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We hop into the passenger seat with our favourite comedian, Derek from Vice Grip Garage, as he drives a busted-up Rat Rod Chevy V10 to a car show in a snowstorm.

This dude is undoubtedly one of the funniest YouTubers in the motoring community. We've featured him before, watching him get a classic Dodge Hemi to start after years of neglect, and rebuilding a 307 small block on a budget, and he always makes us laugh.

The humour, delivered in his Deep-South monotone, is witty and smart, bringing an extra edge to his knowledge of old-school American cabbies.

Describing this episode, Derek says: "Small fire. No heat. No brakes. No cares? This is gotta' be the worst way to test drive a old rat rod truck that literally hasn't been on the street in 20+ years. There's a few more upgrades to make to the old Chevrolet c10, then I'm just going to attempt to drive it to a car show in a snowstorm."

Funny? Yes. Informative? Yes. A great way to spend the next 20-minutes? Definitely yes! What more do you need... hit the play button immediately!

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