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It's time to join Derek at Vice Grip Garage as he gets to take a once-over on his latest sight-unseen purchase. Will he get this Dodge with its Hemi engine to start and take him 200 miles home?

Derek is a one-line comedy legend who also loves to buy old cars, usually sight-unseen, that hasn't been driven in years. In this episode of Vice Grip Garage, the man who calls himself 'A Guy', takes delivery of a Dodge that hasn't moved in a long time.

His running commentary of what he's doing will leave you in stitches. For instance, on inspecting the back seat, 'Smells like the clothes of a thrift-store", is amazingly descriptive.

So, will A Guy and his Dodge get that Hemi running and make the 200-mile trek home? Sit back, get yourself a "cold snack", and enjoy the show.

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