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If you're into classic cars, then you will love this tour of over 220 vehicles. It's a goldmine!

Everything from 50s Buicks, Cadillac's and Mercury's to 70s muscle cars. There are rare trucks, legendary pick-ups and more, way more! There's even a Mater tow truck looking for a new home.

The parking lot that holds this historical motoring treasure-trove is called Zweifel Motors, and you'll find it in the US city of Piedmont, South Dakota. If you're looking for a vehicle to restore, or just in need of parts for your current project car, then you'll likely find what you're looking for here.

The shop also has fully restored models including a 50s Corvette Stingray and a 65 Riviera. This showroom will take you through decades of amazing motoring.

It's not just vehicles though, joining 'The Guy' from Vice Grip Garage as he heads inside the workshop, we're bombarded with a plethora of signage and collectables from days gone by.

If you're into classics, then this video will leave you gobsmacked. Enjoy the video!

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