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In a previous video, the throtl boys gave away a beautiful Toyota MR2 project car but, when the new owner took it for a test drive, the motor blew. This is how they replaced it.

Big props to throtl for making things right after the engine in their giveaway Toyota MR2 gave up the ghost on its maiden test drive with its new owner.

The MR2 was an ongoing project for months, with a huge build-up to the hand-over to Brett, the lucky winner of the giveaway. Unfortunately, when he gave it horns on his first test drive, the V6 in the engine bay decided to blow.

Brett and the boys at throtl were bleak, as you can imagine, but at least they had a new hashtag for some comedic relief. This video is how they replaced the 2GR-FE for #fullsendbrett!

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