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Winning a car must be the best feeling, especially when it's a Toyota MR2 V6 build from the guys at throtl. It must suck, though, when the giveaway car blows up during the new owner's first drive.

This modified Toyota MR2 is a stunning example of the work that the guys at throtl do. The work they put in and the attention to detail is terrific. So, it's always heartbreaking when things go wrong. And go wrong they did!

If you've been watching the channel, you'll know that this project car was always going to be for a giveaway and, after a call to the lucky winner, the day had arrived for the reveal.

Enter Brett, or #fullsendbrett as he's now named, the winner and new owner of the Toyota MR2 V6 project. Brett is an avid follower of throtl and was gobsmacked when the car was revealed, not to mention eager to take it for a test drive.

Hop on the highway, hit the go-faster pedal and... tiktiktiktiktiktik... something is definitely wrong. They nurse it back to the shop, strip the engine and transmission, drain the fluids and poke around for the problem.

At first, there's no sign of anything wrong but, eventually, glitter in the oil filter and bad news for Brett, the engine is blown. What happens next is a perfect example of integrity and strength of character from both Brett and throtl. To find out all about it, hit that play button below and see how it all played out.

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