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Date: 2018-11-30

This is pretty hard to watch, especially when you know it's caused expensive problems.

Yup, we've all miss-shifted at some point in our lives, unless you only drive automatics, in which case, you've never truly lived. In most cases, it's a minor grinding of gears that's easily fixed by pressing the clutch and selecting the correct gear.

Easy, right? Well, not so much when you're flat out racing. That's when you're in the zone, and every action you take can be the difference between winning and losing. Every movement is measured in milliseconds, with brutal force the result.

It's here, in this zone, applying these principals, that things can go horribly wrong. Releasing the clutch in that instant after you've slotted the gear lever into third instead of fifth when you're redlining can be catastrophic.

Just ask any of the guys in this video. It can cause a multitude of problems, from gearbox and clutch issues to damaged pistons and conrods. It can even snap driveshafts and wreak havoc on your catalytic converter.

In other words, it's bad. So, hit play on the video below and see what happens when you miss-shift while going really fast.

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