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Arguably the most fun guy in Formula 1, Australian born Daniel Ricciardo gives us a break down of racing movie scenes.

This is fun, having a racing driver comment on racing movies is genius. In this case, it's a driver who competes at the highest level of racing, it's Formula 1's Daniel Ricciardo.

Albeit he currently races for Renault who haven't given him the best car this season, he's still a talent on the track and great fun off of it. With a great sense of humour, he delivers commentary on particular racing scenes from famous car movies, like Fast And FuriousTalladega NightsBaby DriverDays of ThunderDriven and American Graffiti.

It's terrific to see his reaction, but it's even better when he explains why or why not a particular scene works. Bringing his hard-earned knowledge learned on the track to explain physics and the likelihood of cars catching on fire is awesome, not to mention the chances of Ricky Bobby squashing a.. er... ball in a harness by wearing the underwear he has on.

It's great stuff and you should watch it now immediately!

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