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With the second pair of back-to-back Formula 1 Grand Prix weekends approaching before the mid-season break, we thought we'd share the Top 10 funniest F1 Press Conferences with you.

Unless you're an avid watcher of all things F1 related, you may miss things that show these drivers aren't just plug-and-play robots that steer cars around a track every second Sunday. It seems, some of them actually have a sense of humour.

It may seem like a contradiction if you subscribe to the notion that Germans don't have a sense of humour but, as the hype for one of the seasons most iconic GPs grows, we thought a good chuckle would be right before the intensity of Hockenheim arrives this weekend.

It's actually a breath of fresh air to see these guys having fun, as press conferences tend to be sombre affairs without much excitement and very little laughter. But, when you consider the age of these drivers, it's not difficult to see why a joke about Nigel Mansel's moustache looking like hair from 'down there' is hilarious to them.

Anyway, check out the jokers in action in this video clip from the Formula 1 channel on YouTube.

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