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Date: 2019-04-21

Formula 1 cars are feats of engineering, defying the laws of physics and earning their title at the pinnacle of motorsport, but, do you know how they work? Here's a list of the top 10 Formula 1 car design secrets to keep you amazed.

How is it that a Formula 1 car can travel at the same speed an aeroplane requires to take off but doesn't take flight itself? That's because of smart people applying their knowledge of aerodynamics.

Other smart people fill positions in every department that makes up an F1 team, and it's this pool of knowledgable individuals that create these successful million dollar vehicles for us to watch racing on Sundays.

In this video, we get a high-level overview of the top 10 Formula 1 car design secrets that you may not know, with enough information to help you understand the principals of car racing at the highest level.

Watch and enjoy!

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