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Aston Martin RedBull Racing walked away feeling incredibly proud of their team after the Formula 1 German Grand Prix in Hockenheim, not only from Max Verstappen talking first place, but also from breaking a new pit stop world record time.

Something in Formula 1 that is often overlooked as overly important is indeed the efficiency and competency of the pit crew. In a sport where seconds are the breakers between first and last place in a Formula 1 Grand Prix, not just the talented and experienced driver, but the entire race crew play a vital role in getting the driver a few seconds in front of the competition.

Back at the British Formula 1 Grand Prix, Redbull broke the pitstop record at a staggering 1.96 seconds which, according to probability, is incredibly difficult to break. But, within just a few short races down the line, RedBull did it again at the 2019 Hockenheim Germany Grand Prix. If you watched it, you'll know it was an incredibly nail-bitingly intense Formula 1 race due to a number of reasons, but mostly the bad weather and Max Verstappen pulling a 360 to get back on the race after spinning out!

During lap 46 of the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Hockenheim, Verstappen was requested to pull in for a pitstop for a change of tyres. The pit crew were ready for action as Verstappen pulled in with the roar of his RedBull Formula 1 car. As he came to a stop, the pit crew lifted the car, replaced the used tyres with a fresh set, lowered the car and give the go-ahead to rejoin the race in a world record-breaking 1.88 seconds!

Watch the pitstop replay below of lap 46 of the German Formula 1 Grand Prix with RedBull below:

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