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Yeah, yeah, you may have seen this before but, just like watching reruns of your favourite TV show, watching Jay Leno's Room Of Giants is like a walk through the annals of history.

The beasts in this garage are from a different time, many of them date back to before World War II, and are each a grand nod to the engineering of the time.

There's something to be said about the mentality of the men who created these machines. Just think, these cars have aeroplane engines powering them. Great big ones too, with displacements of up to 24-litres, all in the name of speed.

As we continue into a future of down-sizing and electrification, these titans remind us of a time when bigger was better. And what a world it must have been. Jay Leno's Room Of Giants is a celebration of engineering in a time when the world was at war, and that, friends, makes watching it all worthwhile.

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