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Youtuber superstar pranks people by making them believe their car just got egged.

We love a good prank video as long as nobody gets hurt, at least not TOO badly, and nobody’s property gets damaged, which makes this video perfect, although there are a couple of moments where the prankster himself looks like he may be perilously close to getting hurt.

The premise is pretty simple: our prankster picked up some fake eggs to make people think he’d thrown them on their car. Obviously, not too many people are going to take kindly to having eggs thrown on their ride, especially when the guy seems almost giddy about having vandalised these cars. There are a couple of times when the guy just doesn’t quite know when to give up and nearly gets himself beat up by his victims.

However, everybody proves to be a good sport when the prank is revealed and the guy shows them that the eggs are, in fact, fake. Pranks like this work because nobody likes the thought of having their car vandalised, no matter what kind of damage they think has been done. However, when they realise that their pride and joy has not actually been damaged, their anger quickly fades to laughter.

We have seen some pranks where things go too far and people do end up getting hurt, or the anger persists even after the reveal that leads to some tense moments, though thankfully things usually do deescalate before somebody actually gets pummelled, though it’s looked as if there was going to be a beatdown in some of these videos.

If you’re brave enough and think you can pull off something like this without hurting anybody or damaging their car, or getting yourself beaten up, go ahead and show us what you have for a prank video! If it’s good enough, we may just share yours as well!

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