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In the scheme of all the videos that you’ve seen along the years on YouTube, there’s probably good chance that you have been exposed to some pretty wild pranks, here we look at some guys pulling pranks on rental car companies as they convince the owners they have destroyed their rental.

A lot of the time, it can be really hard to believe some of these pranks are actually true but, in this one, it looks about as genuine as it gets as Mr. Beast and company take a couple of cars on a test drive, only to bring them back to the dealer completely destroyed. The plot twist here is that obviously they didn’t destroy the actual car they got from the dealer but instead went to a salvage yard and got a banged up version of the car that they would drive back to the lot.

The reactions were pretty much across the board here as people don’t really know exactly what to think of such an odd situation. If you were working in the dealer and let someone test drive car and that came back completely destroyed after they said they got into a little bit of a tangle, what would you do?

Let’s just say that some of the dealership employees were a little bit calmer than others and one was even ready to call the cops before they were made aware that it was just a prank and that they would bring the actual car back in just a few moments.

Check out the video below to see exactly how it all unfolds and how the people responsible for these cars ended up reacting to the situation. It seems like after they found out that it was only a prank, most of them were able to shake it off pretty quickly but that’s definitely one set of circumstances that can make just about anybody shake in their boots.

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