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What happens when you buy yourself a racetrack and get bored? Well, invite your YouTuber buddy over and go full-send! This is Adam LZ getting airborne at the Freedom Factory.

To get you up to speed, in case you don't know, the Freedom Factory is the latest acquisition by YouTuber, Cleetus McFarland. Previously called DeSoto Speedway, this abandoned racetrack is being revived by McFarland, who has big plans for some terrific events.

But, before it's ready for the first big event, surely it needs to be christened with a bit of drifting and burnouts. Enter friend and fellow YouTube star, Adam LZ and his twin-turbo Nissan 370Z.

Queue burnouts, drifting and a bucket load of smoke as rubber burns, not to mention a bit of airborne action too, it's all here. So, smash the play button below and enjoy the performance.

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