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Clearly, some people couldn't care less about getting arrested, having an accident or worse, making themselves look like a cock if you wipe-out! These insane hoonigans take their highly powered rear wheel drive cars to the streets just to go sideways!

Is a racetrack too mainstream? But with anything from 300hp to 500hp on tap from highly-tuned, turbocharged engines, channelled through semi-slick rubber onto the slippery tarmac, and only a few shin high barriers between the road and the abyss, drivers are understandably edgy.

This is no Fast and the Furious. There are no scantily-clad models waving flags, no snorting nitrous, no Vin Diesel, no pink slips, no blaring hip-hop; just a group of hardcore petrolheads with competition machinery and a will to push them as fast as possible without getting up close and personal with the forest floor.


"Drifting is like juggling glass. You put so much work into your car and you go and almost crash it every night… To find out the limit you have to go over the limit. You only know when you’re peeling it off the barrier."

The history of drifting is as hard to define as the perfect line through a bend – everyone has their own version. It is thought that the story began in the 1960'’s on roads like this. A group of racers raced on the serpentine mountain roads trying to set record times on a designated course. However, it is officially known that drifting as an official motorsport began in Japan in the early 90's.

Drifting is not only a way to add excitement to an otherwise mundane evening, it is part of automotive culture. A lot of younger drivers inherit their love of drifting and even their machines from their fathers – you’ll find that the young guys are actually driving their dad’s old race car. Drivers have a sense of carrying on the legacy left by those before them.


While youths across the world sink tequila in search of their kicks on this Friday night, this is a whole different world of recklessness and fun. While other countries have embraced drifting on tracks and bought the Fast and the Furious DVDs, here in the darkness, this is the real thing. There is a real sense of danger coupled with a satisfaction that everyone and everything makes it home in one piece.


In our opinion, what makes the drifting scene different from other car cultures is the sense that they are the direct descendants of the progenitors of the original street racing scene. It’s the rich history of the area steeped in legend; it’s the aesthetic and texture and smells and sounds of this world. These are the things that make it so special.

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