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Date: 2019-03-04

Join Vice as they follow a group of organised street racers in the suburbs of Toronto in this, the first episode of their Smoke Show, titled Underground Street Racers.

Vice magazine breaks into Toronto's organised street racing and spends the early hours of the morning with drivers as they pit themselves against each other through the streets of the Canadian city.

The culture is huge and every meet turns into a night out for spectators too. And it's dangerous. Motor vehicle accidents are the biggest cause of deaths for adults between 18 and 24-years-old, which is not surprising considering some of these cars are doing 200kph in a very short space of time.

This is where the cops come in. In 2016, York Regional Police charged over 700 people with stunt driving or street racing in the suburbs of Toronto. They have created a special division within the police department to focus specifically on street racers and use technology to inform all officers on duty where, when and how to respond to the racers.

It's a classic case of the long arm of the law chasing down those who are passionate about their cars and going fast. Click play on the video below and enjoy the show.

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