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Date: 2018-06-26

When you try and look cool but end up failing on camera, must be the worst feeling in the world! Let's be honest, we all have made a fool of ourselves on the road at some point or other, but these chaps sure take the win! If you have a sudden urge to oversteer, or any form of hooning for that matter.

.. make sure there are no cameras rolling or you might end up in our "Ultimate Drift Fails part 2".

These people try to show off in their cars and completely mess up. Some end up totalling cars or even hurting themselves. At least they have it on camera so we can enjoy them. Some people even crash so badly they hit other cars and people. If you do something like this you shouldn’t be allowed to own a fast car ever again. You should be stuck in something with under 100 hp for the rest of your life!

As cringe-worthy is this video compilation is, it's still quite hilarious to watch!

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