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An American goes Down Under to check out the local drifting scene. What he finds is a pack of dedicated Aussies with some very unique cars and a fun time out.

Adam LZ hops on a plane from the States to Australia to spend time with some local drifters at a short track called Archerfield Drift Park, and it turns out it's one of those trips all petrolheads need to take once in their lives.

Adam says, "Unique is an understatement! I LOVE AUSTRALIA. An inside look behind some really unique Australian drift cars with REALLY skilled drivers."

It's impressive to see passionate drivers loving what they do, enthusiastic about their cabbies, and looking for a fun day out. It's also rad to see a few different types of cars with crazy mods racing bumper-to-bumper in the sunshine.

Smash the play button below to see what some of our Australian mates get up to in their spare time.

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