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There's a certain sweet-spot when making car build videos that prove elusive for many publishers on that magical thing we call YouTube, but one lot of guys have nailed it – welcome to Knuckle Busters by the Hoonigan's.

When asked, most people who have seen the Hoonigan's on YouTube will most likely talk about Ken Block's gymkhana escapades, but many of them don't realise the depth of cool stuff they publish to the world.

In this particular instance, a hidden gem called Knuckle Dusters, hosted by Dangerous Dan – a mechanic, drifter and all round good guy – takes us on a ride to see if he can convert an E36 BMW M3, that should have been headed to the scrap yard, and turn it into a drift king that, er, also has grip.

The excellent part about this show (their first season, by the way) is that it's all done as a step-by-step guide without being condescending to those who have no experience working on cars, but not simple enough to chase away the mechanics among us.

It's fun to watch, gives the layman a better idea of the processes involved in creating a race car, and keeps you entertained and eager for the next episode. Smash the play button and take a look at Knuckle Dusters Season 1, Drift VS Grip: Can one car be good at both?

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