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Odd experiment by YouTube Channel Mr Beast test out if 1,000 fans can push a car.

There are a lot of channels on YouTube that will stretch out the limits on what exactly they’ll go through in order to put together a video that people will be interested in. Because of that, we have seen all kinds of wacky and weird experiments that bring to life a situation that you might have never even thought about.

This time, we get more of the same as the Mr. Beast YouTube channel takes on the opportunity at their fingertips, attempting to inject a Chevrolet Camaro into the mix and push it with nothing more than fan power.

As the experiment gets going, you’re probably thinking that there’s no way that this is going to work. However, after a bunch of wacky antics by Mr. Beast and company, we get to see that everything is finally coming to a head and we’re going to be able to see if this heavyweight Chevrolet sports car will be able to be moved by nothing other than the power of fast-moving wind. It really seems like a long shot, but if there’s anybody that can do it, it’s probably these guys as they have come through with their fair share of off-the-wall experiments that might not seem very promising but end up delivering in a satisfying way sometimes.

You might want to skip through to near the end of the video below if you don't want to see some of their failed attempts at doing other things, but you will able to see the results with your own two eyes.

Just as a little bit of a spoiler, the car does end up moving a couple of inches but we’re finding it hard to believe that this was all accomplished without any type of video trickery and entirely by fan power. After witnessing the events for yourself, be sure to tell us what you think of the setup that really brings an interesting concept to the table.

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