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Rally drivers are a different breed. There's something magical about watching them defy the laws of physics at insane speeds, through impossibly tight tracks on tar, sand, mud, snow and pretty much anything else that is in their path. They have to have skill coming out the yin yang, bucket loads of bravery, and it doesn't hurt to have luck on your side too. 

And let's not forget the navigators. These guys need to know what lies ahead, regardless of what they can actually see, to relay to the driver to safely get through to the end. They need patience and foresight to keep things cool, and they need the confidence that their driver will listen carefully to their instructions, especially considering they have no control of the car they're strapped into.

It truly is thrilling. 

But, it doesn't always go well. Regardless of their skill, sometimes luck runs out and we see them tumbling through the air or being abruptly stopped in their tracks by a rather large tree.

Other times, it's not even bad luck, it could be a random deer crossing paths, silly spectators getting in the way or another competitor causing havoc. All we know is, when things go wrong, they can result in some epic accidents. 

In fact, it's a small wonder there aren't more fatalities. This speaks volumes to the integrity of the safety structures within the vehicles.

So, go ahead and press play on the video below for a compilation of crashes in the World Rally Championship from years 2000 to 2016.

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