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The incredible sound of a de-catted Porsche rally car is simply breathtaking, I couldn't simply not share this with you – listen to this, your ears deserve to hear this one.

We have quite a soft spot for rear-wheel drive rally cars here at SXdrv, particularly ones of the Porsche variety. We went all gooey inside when Porsche revealed a concept Cayman GT4 rally car a couple of months ago, and we’re now finding ourselves swooning over this 996-generation 911 GT3 rally car.

Yep, it is indeed a 996 as far as we can gather, it looks to have been given the round headlamps of a 997. But don’t get distracted by the curious conversion, just hit play and watch driver Ruben Zeltner ring the car’s neck in this highlights video.

You’re going to be wanting some headphones for this!

Let us know what you think of the sheer symphony expelled from this one's exhaust pipes.

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