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Many cars have compelling stories, this one happens to be one about Scotto's dream car, the Rauh Welt Porsche 911 Hoonigan.

We've seen it in Hoonigan videos before, that pearl white widebody with the red wheels, and some of you may remember it from the SEMA show years ago. I'm talking about Scotto's Rauh Welt Porsche 911, aptly named Hoonigan.

But, the story is not just about a 1991 Porsche 964 Turbo, it goes way deeper than that. This is the car that helped launch the Hoonigan brand, it featured on the cover of Euro Tuner magazine and was "immortalized in Forza Horizon in the Hoonigan car pack".

It also happens to be Scotto's dream car, who gives us the lowdown in the video below.

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