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This is not only an informative and engaging video on detailing a Porsche 944 that's been sitting in a junkyard for years, but it's also a heartwarming one too, all for a good cause.

It all starts with this "1984 Porsche 944 that sat in a junkyard and was eventually donated to Kars4Kids.org for a $500 tax voucher." As one would expect, the condition of the vehicle was rather pitiable, caked in dirt and infested with rats nests – both inside and out.

Enter AMMO NYC, a vehicle detailer who loves getting cars back to showroom condition. AMMO stepped up and offered their services to clean up the car and see how much they could get for Kars4Kids.org at auction.

The process and theory behind this type of detailing are fascinating, and the results are mind-boggling. There is no way anyone would believe this Porsche sat in a junkyard for years once the job was complete.

In fact, AMMO says, "The Porsche 944 never made it to auction because it sold in 7 mins after posting on AMMO NYC Instagram page. (I actually had 3 offers within 15 mins)."

Even though it still has a few mechanical issues, the new owner, a chap called Kevin, wrote a cheque for the charity for a few thousand dollars before shipping it off to a Porsche specialist for repairs.

And there you have it, champions all around. Why not join us in the winners' circle by clicking on the video below and, hey, maybe you'll find yourself making a donation for a good cause too.

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