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It's unlikely that many of us will never own a car like any of these in the video, but how much does it really cost to own a hypercar?

Supercars Of London takes us on a visit to a place called Tom Hartley Cars at their new showroom in the UK. Why? Well, they have an incredible collection of super and hypercars, which is all fine and well, but this video has a twist...

Using a company called Magnitude Finance, the trio of misfits walk the showroom and discuss the financing options for many of the vehicles. It may sound boring but it is rather insightful and, who knows, might even convince you guys in London to go and take a look for yourselves.

What really makes the video fun is the banter between Paul, James and Carl, their jokes are witty and they have great chemistry. So, it's funny, informative, and it has a bunch of exclusive hypercars, what's not to love about this video!

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