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It's the final instalment of the Yaris Hilton project with the Mighty Car Mods duo, and it's time to see how fast the plucky Toyota is with a $169 turbo installed.

"This video is dedicated to those of us who have spent way to much time and money on a car that is a piece of shit." Well, that's what Moog had to say after blasting around the track in the MCM Yaris Hilton.

If you've been following the project, you'll know that this Toyota was the cheapest one they could find. They then set a lap time with the car as stock and decided to see how much faster they could make it go.

Cue the engine swap with a 1.8-litre motor from a wrecked Corolla, a $169 eBay turbo and intercooler, a set of fat mags and tyres and finally a set of cheap wheel arch covers so that the wheels don't stick out.

So, with that in mind, how much faster is Yaris Hilton? Well, you'll have to watch Moog push the little cabbie beyond its limit to find out.

Enjoy the show! RIP Yaris Hilton.

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