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You may have noticed that we love our rotaries here at SXdrv, so when we saw this one, a Mazda Turbo 4 Rotor RX-7, we simply had to share.

This is one of the prettiest Mazda RX-7 builds we've ever seen. Not to mention that sound as it spits fireballs from its belly. In this video, owner, Dave, from Mazzei Formula Seven, stops by a tuner shop for a bit of tweaking to the vehicle.

What ensues is pure eardrum pornography as they adjust the GT55 98mm turbo all the way up to 20psi. The result, a whopping 950hp on the dyno!

Click play and check out how they carefully fiddle, test and adjust everything as the evening progresses, making sure that the engine is at its optimum. It's a science and really cool for those who are new to dyno testing to see what goes into getting the best, safely, out of a car.

What more can we say... rotaries for the win, yo!

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