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Want to see a complete rebuild of a junkyard Mazda FD RX-7? Thought so.

A dude by the name of Mickey, from a YouTube channel called Throtl, got his hands on a Mazda FD RX-7 that had been left to the elements for over ten years. It was in a rather sorry state and, initially, it didn't seem like he'd take it, but with a little convincing, it found a new home.

The series follows Mickey and co as they bring this incredible machine back to its former glory, and goes into great detail as to what they had to do over the ten months they worked on it to get it perfect.

If you're too lazy to actually watch all the episodes, you can just hit play on the video below for a 10-minute overview of the rebuild but, if you have the time, watch the full show as the Throtl team put their heart and soul into creating one amazing Mazda FD RX-7 they've affectionately named BadApple.

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