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Often, we get sucked into watching rebuild or modification videos broken up into many parts, but that is too time-consuming for some, so here is a 10-minute video of a complete BMW M2 rebuild.

A while back, we featured one Part of this build by the BackYardBoyz, with the guys replacing a rear quarter panel. but here is the full rebuild of all the Parts in one 10-minute show.

This BMW M2 was a salvage auction wright-off, and the BackYardBoyz were eager to sink their teeth into this rebuild. It took them tons of hours to take this M2 from a pitiful wreck back to a showroom quality beauty.

Don't believe me? Then I suggest you hit that play button below and see for yourself. Their craftsmanship is outstanding, as is their attention to detail, and it's always a pleasure to see such a terrific car be given a new shot at being loved.

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